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About ValleyCAST


ValleyCAST’s mission is to foster a creative and engaged community in the Historic Blackstone Valley that is inclusive and supportive of all people with and without disabilities. 

Vision for the Blackstone Valley:

A thriving arts environment which actively engages and educates people of all abilities. Cultural organizations and local artists collaborating to maintain a creative community. A region celebrated for its historic resources, industrial heritage and natural beauty.


ValleyCAST was founded in 2002 out of Alternatives’ desire for an inclusive community that provides real opportunities to the people with disabilities the organization serves. Led by a volunteer Board, ValleyCAST coordinates and facilitates cultural activities that expand community support for the arts.

ValleyCAST’s biggest project was the renovation of the historic Whitin Mill into an inclusive cultural center. The Whitin Mill houses Alternatives’ headquarters and several programs, as well as a technically advanced theater, an art gallery, public plaza, and artisan spaces, all renovated with respect for historic preservation and utilizing green technology.

Whether an art exhibition, concert, play or historic tour, events that bring people together and inspire new connections are always taking place. For more information contact Cristi Collari, Director of Community Outreach at

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